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We bring capital supply and demand together for student financing

For this reason, we actively encourage the development of human capital and make participation in the free capital market possible

Both sides benefit by this: many students are only able to begin their studies with education fund financing. The students can then focus on a fast and successful course of studies thanks to the education funds. They can then begin their career earlier than if they had to work part-time during their studies.

We tap the free capital market for education financing with our study / education funds. Investors invest in education funds which in turn finance young talented people with their studies. After a successful entry into the labour market, the graduates pay back a time-limited percentage of their targeted income in return for the financing received during their studies.

The reward is an earlier and higher entry salary. The investors receive the returns from the education fund and a suitable yield for their commitment: the basis for a classic win-win-situation which had already been recognised by the Nobel laureate Milton Friedman.

Thousands of students are already using this financing. CareerConcept has implemented eight education funds so far and has a planned capital of approximately 40 million Euros. Thus, the company was not only a pioneer in private student financing in Germany, now it probably manages the most education fund financing in the world.

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